Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturer Offers Distinct Line of Perfume Bottles and Packaging

Published: 16th July 2009
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As a maker or manufacturer of perfume, choosing a bottle can be an important aspect of the marketing strategy that drives your product. Packaging your perfume bottle attractively can be the difference between selling a superior product, and being outsold by a more visually appealing, yet possibly inferior offering.

Arminak & Associates specializes in cosmetic container packaging, offering distributors and manufacturers of consumer fragrances an effective and attractive solution to the company looking to set their product apart from the competition.

President Helga Arminak founded the organization a decade ago, in 1999. Since the company's inception, Arminak & Associates has become an industry-leading provider of business packaging solutions, with product packaging options offered for specific products such as cleaning agents, automotive fluids, cosmetic care, beauty supplies and designer fragrance.

When it comes to packaging, your perfume bottle has to represent the essence of your product. Simplicity and nuance alike can positively factor into any approach to selling a product on a niche market like designer fragrance, and Arminak & Associates understand this.

We offer a vast selection of perfume bottles to suit the look and feel of any fragrance, and can help you to specifically select the bottle that's right for your product. A perfume bottle manufacturer with 10 years of experience in doing sales on a worldwide scale, turn to Arminak & Associates when evaluating options for the packaging of perfume, bottles and sprayers or misters alike.

Bottles are offered in many styles, and are made of many different materials. Offerings are available in aluminum, plastic and glass, as well as acrylic. Bottles can utilize misting, spraying, pump or roll-on dispensers.

Considering that you haven't plugged thousands of dollars into an advertising campaign to drive the sale of your offering, the sales pitch for your product begins as soon as it catches the consumer eye. For the most part, you have as long as it may take for the eye to glance at something to catch that eye's attention. For this reason, you want your perfume bottle's packaging to be as aesthetically appealing as possible.

Even if the product you're selling isn't a perfume or cologne, and even though it may not even be a fragrance, your cosmetic container and packaging can make all the difference in simply getting someone to try the product. For years, companies have sold their product and distributed their line via a uniform theme, usually entailing a particular type of bottle, color of box, and so on.

Arminak & Associates is here to provide all the required packaging solutions to make your product stand apart visually from those alongside it, helping your container and packaging drive the sale of your cosmetics or perfumes on visual appeal alone.

Contact Arminak & Associates today, or visit our website to discover some of our packaging options.
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